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Learning Hindi

Why am I interested in learning Hindi?

I thought it might come in handy at work.
I will travel in India someday, when my kids are bigger.
I thought it would be something fun to do with the kids.
Hindi script is pretty.

How am I going to learn Hindi?

OK, I’m probably not going to learn it well. I took 4 years of high school french, and I can only read it at about a 4th grade level. Spoken French? I’ll be lucky if I can understand directions to the bathroom. That said, I’m really only looking for basics. The alphabet and pronunciation. Very basic vocabulary. Numbers, days of the week, etc.

Here’s a helpful blog.

Here’s a good website for teaching children with worksheets and everything!
And I’m going to try this software. I can’t quite afford Rosetta Stone. This software may not be as good, but you can have the basic version free, and the deluxe version is only $50 so it’s worth a try right?!
This one is great too!
This is a few lessons on Devanagari, the alphabet used to write in Hindi. Its a good place to start despite being on the bottom of my list.

I’ll post fun stuff I learn here!

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