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We are bridal specialists!

daytonbrideHenna Muse understands your bridal mehndi needs! We’ve been providing henna to brides from a variety of cultural backgrounds for a decade. We can create custom designs for your special day, copy art you provide, or you can browse our huge catalog for inspiration. We can contract additional artists for your reception, shower, sangeet, or other wedding events. We will take care of everything! Don’t let the Mehndi be one more thing you have to worry about while planning your wedding.

A consultation is highly recommended. Its free if you book on the spot, and only $20 if you do not. If you decide to book later, the consultation fee is deducted from the cost of your package. (Download a PDF of our bridal package brochure.) At the consultation our artist will go over bridal designs, help you choose the right package, and make sure all the other needs you have for henna services are met. We also provide a small sample design at the consultation so you can be confident that we are skilled, and so you know you can expect a dark, rich color from our homemade henna paste.

Why Hire a Professional?

favoritebrideSure, you could let your sister, cousin, or neighbor do your henna. But then she’ll miss out on some of the festivities while she has her head down, bent over your lap all day! Besides, what if she brings grocery store mehendi cones that are full of chemicals and dont give good color. What if she’s not very good at it? When you hire Henna Muse, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Our designs are stunning, every time, the color is rich and dark every time, our paste is fresh made at home with expertise. While you only have one wedding, we’ve had many dozens! We work efficiently, professionally, creatively, and we know how to get the job done right.

underwaterfeetWill travel!

Henna Muse would be happy to be your on-location artist for your destination wedding. Don’t fret about the logistics of getting good, fresh henna to a tropical island, or fielding local talent in a place where communications can be an issue. Every situation is different so please contact us for availability and a simple, straightforward quote.

Additional bridal services

IMG_0333 For family and guests

We can provide up to 4 additional artists to provide henna for your guests and family members at an hourly rate of $85 per hour, per artist. Each artist can do a veil/strip type design in 2-5 minutes. Full, but simple hands up to the wrist will take approximately 10 minutes per side. Larger, more detailed designs obviously take longer.


For a small additional fee, we can come back the day of your wedding and use a sweat and water resistant temporary tattoo paint to accent your mehendi in gold silver or pearl. We can also attach Swarovski crystals in a variety of colors with an acrylic medical adhesive. The accent paint and crystals are sure to last at least through the day and maybe tomorrow if you’re careful.

IMG_1145Extra Cones

Our henna paste is home made, chemical free, and outstandingly smooth. If you’d like some extra cones, they are available at $3 each, ONLY as a bridal package add on. This is a half off discount from the usual price! (Because we use no preservatives, cones should be used or frozen the day they are purchased. They can be stored for several months in the freezer.)

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