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Jen Schafer

Jen began learning about henna while working in the children’s department at the Wood County District Public Library in Bowling Green Oh in the late 90’s. She was offered the opportunity to teach teens at the library about what she’d learned. Later she went on to present her henna related programing ideas at a conference of librarians from all over Northwestern OH, and encouraged them to offer such programing at their own libraries. They didn’t. They hired her instead! Slowly over the next few years Jen began to spend more time as a henna artist than as a librarian and she officially began Body Art by Jen, the first incarnation of her henna business, in 2001. Jen has taught about henna across the country and been featured on arts IN focus on PBS39.

Version 2


After a few years Jen had more job opportunities than time. She taught her long time friend and fellow artist how to mix henna and create henna designs of her own. She picked it up right away andhas been continuing to develop her skills ever since. Now Danya Krisjanis handles many jobs like parties, private appointment, and events in the Toledo area as an independent artist and as a Henna Muse artist. It was at about this time that the name of the business was changed to Henna Muse.

To book with Danya please email Henna Muse at



Our newest artist joined us in 2013 and brought her tremendous artistic skill with her. Rachel has always had a passion to create: she studied art and design in her formal education and played with many mediums over the years, but it wasn’t until she found henna that she truly found her voice as an artist. Since beginning her journey as a henna professional, she have studied many styles and regional designs but tends to gravitate toward the bold “Gulf” or “Khalijee” designs. She pride herself on being able to read each client’s individual style and translate that into their body art.

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