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Kate And Mean Jean Take On Cancer

Kate and Mean Jean Take on Cancer

Katie is one of my favorite clients. She’s perky. She loves animals and children. She speaks her mind. She’s so easy to love that shortly after she scheduled her first appointment, a friend of hers called and asked she could cover the cost for Kate in advance as a surprise. She comes to me fairly regularly lately to have me crown her lovely noggin with henna. Katie is fighting cancer and likes to have a new “tattoo” when she goes for treatment, and I get to help!


Kate doesn’t go in for traditional henna styles so much. I did one design for her with some flowers and paisleys, but most often she has challenging and unusual requests for me like Tinkerbell. Shortly before her most recent appointment she left me a message explaining what she’d like me to do for her this time. She wants Mean Jean, of the Fort Wayne Derby Girls with a big boxing glove shattering the word “cancer.” How brilliant is that!? My daughter skates with the Jr. derby team, the Fort Wayne Derby Brats, and so we spend time with FWDG skaters, as her coaches, at bouts, fund raising, and so on.

IMG_0747As it turns out, Kate had participated in Bust A Move, a fun charity event. Derby skaters have a plaster cast made of their bust, and a local artist gives it her own unique touch. The casts are auctioned to support Cancer Services. Turns out, through that event, Kate knows “Kona Krusher,” Skater for the Fort Wayne Derby Girls and Coach to my daughter and the Fort Wayne Derby Brats. What a small world!

So this is what we ended up with. I can’t wait to see what Kate throws at me next!


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  1. My family and I would like to pay for the next few sessions! Using art and love to overcome something as horrible as cancer is sensational to us!

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