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Using Henna Muse’s pre-rolled cones

All cones are not created equal! As I’ve mentioned before, the supplies I sell are the same stuff I use myself. I don’t know what it is about me, but I CANNOT seem to cut a cone tip straight to save my life. No matter what I use to cut it (I’ve tried thread scissors, razor blades, and nail clippers) or how carefully I do it, I always get little curly-Q’s of paste when I try to use the cone. My solution: I roll them open. Yes, Henna Muse’s cones have an open tip.

I must say, I’m pretty doggone good at cone rolling. They don’t blow out, as long as you don’t over-fill. The tips have an amazingly consistant size despite being hand rolled. And yes, I roll them all myself. I do have a few pointers for using and filling open tipped cones that I’d like to share:

1. Fill the cones over a towel. There will probably be a little dribble of paste that escapes the tip, especially when you close the back end. Rolling over  a towel will save you a mess.

2. Be careful when transporting open tipped cones! Make sure you keep them safe from being smooshed, because they will ooze if the end up under all the design books in your gig bag. I keep mine in a zipper sealed plastic bag, in a lunch box.

3. Try a tap of tape! If you put tape over the tip after you fill the cone they will be less likely to ooze.

4. This one is true of ALL cone, open tipped or otherwise: Don’t stack empty cones inside each other! Sometimes they get stuck together. Pulling them appart can shift the layers of the cone making it pretty much useless.

Check out this cone filling video! Since I made this movie, I’ve stopped putting the tape around the edge of the back end. As long as you fill only 2/3 of the way, they don’t tend to leak. The tape is unnecessary.

You can buy my cones here:


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