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Caring for a henna design 

  • Be careful not to smudge the design for the first half hour while it dries. 
  • Keep the Paste on for at least 4 hours. 
  • Try to keep your body warm while the paste is on for the best possible result. 
  • If you sleep with the paste on, cover it with towels or bandages so that crumbs of paste don’t get into your sheets. 
  • Remove the paste by brushing it away or scraping it off. 
  • The design under the paste should be orange at first, changing to a chocolate color over the next two days. 
  • Do your best to keep the skin dry during those first two days. 
  • Avoid swimming pool water entirely if possible, especially in those first two days. 
  • Use lip balm or lotion to cover the design when you bathe. 

Caring for a glitter tattoo 

  • Glitter tattoos are dry as soon as their done! 
  • Swimming and showering are just fine, however avoid long soaks and scrubbing. 
  • To remove the tattoo use baby oil or rubbing alcohol. 
  • Glitter tattoos should last 2-6 days with proper care. 

Caring for a foil tattoos

  • Give the design a few minutes to dry before you allow anything to touch it. 
  • Your face paint should last all day until you get wet. Most gentle touches won’t smear the design once dry. 
  • Be careful when eating or drinking not to smudge the design. 
  • Wash face paint with soap and water. 
  • Don’t sleep with face paint as it will stain sheets.
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