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On Friday I had the opportunity to do henna at an event to raise awareness about Darfur. It included a traveling enactment of a refugee camp put on by

The event included many ways to help including petitions and the opportunity to sponsor a solar cooker for a family in Darfur. What’s a solar cooker? Check it out:

Of course I did some henna. The students organizing the event encouraged people to get henna on the inside of their left forearm symbolizing the ID tattoos the Jews were forced to were there during the holocaust. The people I met had creative requests and I didn’t have to resort to using a design book at all! Of course the better pieces I did were while I was busy so I don’t have pictures, but here are a few:

I was really impressed with the students that I met At IPFW. I go to colleges quite a bit, and I have to say, for the most part, young college students are fairly self involved and haven’t really learned to empathize and participate in the world beyond their own. The kids the met last week were thoughtful, interested in each other’s life experiences, and just bursting with positive energy. They were creative, involved, and a pleasure to spend the day with!

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