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2018 Henna Practice Challenge -Day 1

2018 Henna Practice Challenge -Day 1

Happy New Year!

Practice is important in every field. I think its especially important for me in winter when I don’t get nearly as much paid work. I really don’t take special time out for daily henna practice nearly enough, and I find that when I do, I practice the same sort of designs and elements that I already use a lot. I’ve decided to challenge myself to practice something new and useful every business day at least until spring. My challenges will be posted here every day for anyone who wants to follow along. I’d love to see your work if you do!

January 2, Day 1

Practice isn’t all drills and repetition. Sometimes practice is about tackling a problem from a new angle. Brainstorm some simple strips that do NOT contain paisleys or flowers.

Here are my strips. They are not perfectly executed. They are not groundbreaking. They are not really special at all. But doodling them did stretch my brain a bit!

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